The Greater Vancouver Table Tennis Association (GVTTA) tabletennis is a non-profit organization established under the Society Act of British Columbia. Our mission is to promote the sport of table tennis in the province of British Columbia. Head quartered in Burnaby, we maintain a 3200 SQFT facility dedicated to table tennis which provides affordable and friendly access for the general public of different cultural backgrounds.

As part of our mandate to promote the sport, we offer table tennis classes to children and adults of all ages at an affordable rate. In an effort to get children interested in the sport, we open our facility to school P.E. classes at a low cost (free for some cases).

Our Association is a unique sport organization in this province.

  • A non-profit organization in BC with dedicated table tennis facility open to the general public.
  • Convenient and well organized with training classes and professional coaches.
  • Friendly and helpful. Whatever levels you are playing, you will have no problem finding helpful partners.
  • Able to provide access to sport facility at low cost.
  • The best choice for children learning to play table tennis. In fact, the founding of GVTTA was initially motivated by the need to train children who are the future of this sport. Training young players will always be our priority.
  • Highly multi-cultural with members all different cultural backgrounds.

Table tennis is a fun and healthy sport for all ages. It is a perfect indoor sport for Canada with no limitation by weather conditions. Please come and join us to get some exercise, make some friends and have some fun. If you are in school, mention us to your P.E. teacher to arrange a P.E. class with us. It is going to be fun and it is cool!